The Feel of our Fabrics

We focus on fabrics that will give you a feel for the moment. With each textile we tease your sense of touch and share with you the subtleties that bring us joy.

Marled Knit

The flattering drape of this fabric will glide over each one of your curves. It’s easy to care for and wrinkle resistant, so it looks good straight out of your drawer or your suitcase. We use it on pieces that you’ll wear nestled at home or for popping out to get a treat.


These three textiles come together to make a flattering and cool-to-the-touch fabric. Modal is plant-based and biodegradable, cotton is soft and breathable, and spandex ensures that our pieces hug you in all the right places. 

Rayon Spandex

We chose a lustrous and soft rayon, another biodegradable plant-based textile, for its moisture absorbing and breathable properties. Then we added the comfortable stretch of spandex and engineered it to be colourfast so each piece looks as good after multiple wearings as it feels.

Pure Cotton

We prewash our cotton for a silky smooth feel that’s as soft as a whisper. We’re captivated by cotton’s absorbency, breathability, and biodegradable nature, as well as its reputation for being versatile and universally-loved.